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El Morro Hosteria   The Hill B & B

Almejal beach, Bahía Solano, 

El Valle - Chocó, Colombia. 276038


Phone:  +57 312 837 8871    Jupi    

               +57 320 709 2389  Mónica

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We will tailor the hikes and walks according to your physical capacities and preferences. These activities are run by local guides who will take you through natural jungle paths and rivers. They're experts on the region and their traditions and will show you the richness of the culture, the fauna and the flora of Chocó's tropical rainforest and the Pacific Ocean, ensuring you return renovated and invigorated from your holiday while collaborating to the local economy.

     Almejal  Natural Adventure

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Almejal beach, Bahía Solano,

El valle - Chocó, Colombia. 276038
Phone:  +57 312 837 8871    Jupi    

               +57 320 709 2389  Mónica
               + 1  954 545 2016 USA & Canada

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El valle- Bahia Solano is located in the bio-geographical region of Chocó, on the list of the world’s priority places by WWF  for being one of the most exceptional ecosystems and habitats in the planet.  A Place that is particularly rich in biodiversity. A place with unique and irreplaceable and threatened animals and plants. A place like no other on earth

The first impact for the travelers is the contrast between the jungle and the coast, two very diverse environments under the same sky. Nature almost intact, untouched by humans.  Feel the contrast between the leafy jungle and the serene waters of the pacific, get surprise by the fragile and extremely beautiful ecosystems: impressive mangroves, gigantic trees, crystalline waterfalls and a biodiversity that is unique in the world. The possibilities for adventure in this jungle are infinite. Our near by adventure activities  includes: 

  • Whale watching: The Yubarta as they are known in the area better known as Humpback whales, punctually arrive at their appointment in the warm waters between July and October to give birth to their young calves. They can be seen about 200 metres away from the boat, and we try to maintain a respectful distance so as not to invade their space and to provide better safety for our guests. Even though humpback whales are very tame and occasionally friendly, in El Valle we follow the “responsible whale-watching practices” recommended internationally. On occasion the whales approach our boat, because we have always had respect for them in the region, allowing you to take amazing photographs. It's a beautiful, unforgettable experience, and you can enjoy it in one of Colombia's most pristine locations, a place where you can truly appreciate the beauty of creation.  El Morro Hosteria is the best place in Chocó for whale watching and resting in a comfortable, lodge-style hotel. You can see the whales from your own room or from our restaurant while you enjoy a delicious organic meal.

  • Bird watching: These pristine jungle between two oceans is a very important migratory corridor, with close to 800 bird species, 30 of them endemic including the espectacular Oropendola del Baudo, unique in the world.

  • Sea turtle nesting and sea turtle neonesting liberations
  • Boat ride to the Waterfall El Tigre (admission $5000 COP)  and/or Chado (admission free).
  • Walk to la cuevita a sea turtled nested beach.
  • Canoeing trough tundo river or  by boat if you prefer or by canoe.
  • Visit to UTRIA’s national park (Admission $42000 COP)  walking or by boat.
  • Visit to local Embera communities.​

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