El Morro Hosteria   The Hill B & B

Almejal beach, Bahía Solano, El Valle - Chocó, Colombia. 276038


Phone:  +57 312 837 8871    Jupi    

               +57 320 709 2389  Mónica

               + 1  954 545 2016 USA & Canada

E-mail: jupidasilva@me.com


Special programmes

Keep Our home clean: We believe in leading by example, that is why We clean our beach constantly and Reduce, Reuse and Recycle waste on a daily basis.

Trash to Green: recycling creative ideas, collecting the garbage to keep our beaches clean and converting them on pieces of art displayed at the hill.

Planet protectors club a little kids environmental club, where We come up with recycling ideas and projects.

Pipas (coconut water) in exchange for collecting the garbage at the beach.

The owners of El Morro Hosteria-The Hill B n B , Monica and Jupi, are committed to developing our home/enterprise within a sustainable frame, seeking to improve economic and social conditions for ourselves and our surrounding communities, working for conservation, protection of the environment and our region’s cultural wealth. We will accomplish this by leading by example and participating actively with local communities, always adhering to current laws and putting people  “the community” interest first. 

We are focusing on working with the communities in environmental, educational and artistic projects to improve ours and theirs quality of life, while loving and taking care of nature, our main provider.

Here are some of our ongoing and planned community projects, for you to know what we do in this beautiful region. 


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Almejal beach, Bahía Solano,

El Valle - Chocó, Colombia. 276038
Phone:  +57 312 837 8871    Jupi    

               +57 320 709 2389  Mónica
               + 1  954 545 2016 USA & Canada
E-mail: jupidasilva@me.com

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On Christmas We trow a gift party, nothing expensive, just a present and a smile for a child. My father’s dream. in the near future We would like to trow two parties one for kids and one for the elderly.

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English classes are given to the tourism sector to collaborate reducing the language barrier.
Information in three languages English-Spanish-Portuguese directly from the owners personally at El Morro or through social media, all you want to know about this magnificent pacific region.

Eliminating the business gap: We have internet at El Morro Hosteria- The Hill B n B, hopefully wi-fi in the near future to collaborate with the small local tourism sector, promoting their places on the internet in English and Spanish, it's highly important for local businesses to position themselves within the tourism value chain. Opening a world of opportunities for them and the community in general.

Contribute training the community with entrepreneurial skills, placing value on knowledge and local traditions.
Working with the community establishing eco friendly, sustainable and sustentable practices for the region.
Learning from the community and helping the community to adjust to nature needs, so we can enjoy it perpetually.

Campaign to teach English to natives

Campaign to reduce the amount of waste